How To Airbrush A Drum Skin

Need to know how to airbrush a drum skin? Airbrushing a drum skin can change the look of the drum completely. If you are a drummer looking for a unique way to revamp your drums, then airbrushing is for you! You can airbrush anything you'd like on the drum skins. You can do a cool design or your band's logo. Your creativity is the limit! All you need to know is how to properly prep the drum and what techniques work best to airbrush the skin.

To airbrush a drum skin, you will need:

  • A scrubbing pad
  • Adhesion promoter
  • Clear coat
  • Paint
  • An airbrush gun
  • A stencil
  • A drum skin
  1. Prep the skin. You are going to use the scrubbing pad to scuff up the drum skin. Keep the skin on the drum to stretch the surface and make it easier to paint. Wipe the skin off using a damp cloth. Allow to dry. Apply the adhesion promoter to the drum skin. This is a type of primer that is necessary for painting on plastic.
  2. Create your design. You can make your own stencil by cutting out the design or logo of your choice to create a stencil. If you are an experienced airbrush artist, you can attempt to paint freehand. Place the design on the drum skin.
  3. Apply the paint. You can fill the airbrush gun with any type of water-based paint. If you do not use a paint specifically for airbrushing, you may need to dilute the paint with a bit of water. Once you spray the design, remove the stencil. Allow to dry. Apply the clear coat or sealant to the airbrushed drum skin.
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