How To Airbrush T Shirts

If you are looking for a fun new hobby, then try learning how to airbrush t-shirts. Airbrushing t-shirts hit it’s height of popularity in the ‘60s and 70s. The fashion trend is starting to make a come back, as it is an easy way to personalize your clothing. Airbrushing clothing can also be a fairly easy at home craft business.

Things you will need to airbrush a t-shirt:

  • An airbrush kit
  • T-shirt and practice material that is the same kind of fabric
  • Charcoal pencil
  • Air source (unless your kit includes this)
  • Heat source (A household iron will work but a heat press is best for if you are going to open an airbrushing business.)
  • Cardboard or a t-shirt board
  • Design stencil (optional)
  1. Gather your supplies. A typical Airbrushing kit from your local craft store is a great way to start. Most kits start out around $30.00 and will include the airbrush and paint. Some kits will even include an air source (commonly referred to as propellant), a t-shirt and even design stencils.
  2. Practice first. Having some practice material around is a good idea. A good 100% cotton is the best material for airbrushing. A good place to get practice shirts is your local thrift store or even old shirts from your closet.
  3. Prepare the shirt. Make sure the t-shirt is clean and dry before airbrushing. Insert a t-shirt board or cardboard to keep the paint from bleeding through onto your workspace. Make sure there are no wrinkles.
  4. Draw or stencil your design. For a beginner a stencil is the best way to start out. If you are good at drawing them creating your own design might be easy for you. Experienced airbrushers can free hand t-shirts without drawing the design before hand. Make sure to keep the lines very light.
  5. Iron the shirt after the paint has dried. Check the label on your paint or kit for the recommended drying time for the paint you used. After the paint is dry, iron the t-shirt on the setting recommended for that fabric to help set the design.
  6. Clean your airbrush. Be sure to keep your airbrush clean so that it will last. Your kit will have care instructions from the manufacture.
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