How To Airchair

If you're a Bboy or a Bgirl then one breakdancing move that you will need to learn is how to airchair.  This  is a staple in most  Bboy performances and can look quite impressive combined with other moves. Learning how to airchair requires strength, balance and most importantly, practice. This article will guide you step-by-step in learning how to successfully perform an airchair.

  1. Stretch properly. Before attempting to do an airchair, be sure to thoroughly stretch out your arms, wrists, and back to prevent injury. You will be relying heavily on your wrists and arms to keep you balanced. Wear wrist support bands if needed.
  2. Get into position. Start by squatting down with your feet flat on the floor.  Lean back and place your right hand flat on the ground behind you. Bend your elbow so that it is firmly resting right up against the side of your ribs. Lean onto your right arm, placing your body weight completely on your right arm and wrist.  Keep your chest straight and your right arm securely in place.
  3. Lift your legs. Slowly  raise your legs off the ground, use your left arm to keep you steady. You may find it easier to kick off with one of your legs to help get both of your legs off the ground.  Once your legs are off the ground and you are in the airchair position you can keep your knees bent or slowly straighten them out. Straightening out your legs will require a bit more practice.
  4. Keep practicing. As with all breakdancing moves, the more your practice the easier it will become.  If you find that you are not strong enough to balance yourself without pain in your arms and wrists then work on exercises that will strengthen your arm and wrist muscles. 
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