How To Airwalk On A Skateboard

Learning how to airwalk on a skateboard is a wild ride. This means taking your tricks to the next level. Airwalking a skateboard is an advanced trick which requires a high level of skill. Taking your board out to the park and sticking an airwalk will definitely put you on the map. However, as with all tricks, make sure you are prepared. You need proper skill and protective gear. Let’s take a look at the dynamics of learning how to airwalk.

What you will need:

  • Skateboard
  • Proper protective gear
  • A ramp or other way to gain air

How to airwalk on a skateboard:

  1. Be certain you are ready. Limber up a bit, stretch and do a few practice runs. Once you are ready and confident, you will need to understand that the more air the better. Approach the jump with speed. Bend at the knees and push off the jump.
  2. As you first gain air, grab the nose of your skateboard. Your back leg should come off the board followed by your front foot. Keep your hand firmly on the board and in place for your feet.
  3. To perform this trick properly you will need to move your legs as if you are walking. This is the reason so much air is required. As you begin to descent, place your feet back on the board. Keep them slightly bent and stick the landing.


To pull this off you will need to gain tons of air. Performing off a jump or half pipe might be your best bet.

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