How To Allow Pop-Ups On Mac

If you were formerly a PC user and now you are browsing in Safari for Mac, you might be confused about how to allow pop-ups on a Mac. Configuring your Web Browser to allow pop-ups will be different for each Web Browser. Here are some tips on learning how to configure your Web Browser to allow pop-ups on your Mac. Find the Web Browser you use and follow the instructions.

  1. Safari. Safari is an all or nothing Web Browser- either you allow all pop-ups or you allow none. To allow pop-ups go to the Safari Menu and uncheck the "Block Pop-up Windows" option. To disable the pop-up windows again, go back to the Safari Menu and select "Block Pop-up Windows." Shortcut: On your keyboard hold [Apple key]-K.
  2. Mozilla Firefox. Mozilla will allow you to pick and choose your pop-ups. Firefox will even "remember" to allow or block a given pop-up, so you won't be prompted every time. Firefox's default setting is to block pop-ups, so if you want to allow pop-ups, you have to enable them. There are a few different ways to allow pop-ups on your Mac when you are browsing in Firefox. Go to Tools>Options click on the Content tab. Uncheck the "Block pop-ups " checkbox. You can configure  it at that, which will allow all pop-ups, or you can leave the check box checked to block all pop-ups, then click on exceptions. Bonus: Firefox also has a plug-in that you can download to block advertisements, called Adblock Plus.
  3. Google Chrome. One of the biggest drawbacks to using Chrome is that you can't configure it to prevent pop-ups. If you want to allow all pop-ups, this won't be a problem for you, but if you do want to block them, the Open Source Chrome Project has provided some useful instructions. First, you will have to download Privoxy (free).You can find this in the Chrome "add-ons."  After you have downloaded Privoxy, go to Options>Under the Hood>Change Proxy Settings. Click on the Connections tab, then click on LAN and check "Proxy Settings." In the address setting add and in the port 8118. Click "Ok." Restart Chrome.




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