How To Alphabetize In Microsoft Word

Need to know how to alphabetize in Microsoft Word? Alphabetizing in Microsoft Word is an easy and quick process. This useful tool enables you to alphabetize the text of a bullet list or a numbered list as well as sorting the contents of a table. The instructions below indicate how to alphabetize a bullet list.

To alphabetize in Microsoft Windows, you will need

  • Computer, Desktop or Laptop
  • Microsoft Word 2007

Launch Microsoft Word. After you have opened a blank document, type a simple bullet list (e.g. use the following items in your list exactly as they are listed here: spread butter with a knife, lay bread on counter, cut bread). To type and alphabetize a bullet list please follow the instructions listed:

  1. Click the "Home" tab on the ribbon, in the "Paragraph" group, then click the bullet button.
  2. A bullet symbol will appear for the first item. Type the first text item in the list, and enter. A bullet symbol will appear for the second item.
  3. Continue this process until you have typed in your whole list in Microsoft Word.
  4. Once you have the bullet list type, select it.
  5. Click  the "Home" tab on the ribbon, in the "Paragraph" group, then click the "Sort" button (choose "A to Z" with a down arrow if you want your list to start in normal alphabetical order).
  6. The "Sort Text" dialog box will appear. For "Select By" choose "Paragraphs". For the "Type" choose "Text". Then select "Ascending".
  7. The typed bullet list is now alphabetized in Microsoft Word.



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