How To Alter A Dress Shirt

Guys who want to spice up their image without spending a fortune at Hot Topic can easily learn how to alter a dress shirt and go from the cubical to the rock show for just a few dollars. With a few old items hanging around your closet and a little imagination, you can turn those old business clothes into hip new fashion statements and no one will know that you only had to alter a dress shirt to do it.

To start creating your rockin’ new image you will need:

  • A few old dress shirts
  • A pair of scissors
  • Safety pins
  • Patches
  • Studs

Ok guys, time to get creative! If you want to alter a dress shirt to look like a bad-ass rocker, you’ll want to use your imagination and remember that you have the freedom to create your own custom designs that suit your individual image. Or for the fashionably challenged who need a full make over, there’s your “in” with the hottie next door or your sister’s cute girlfriends. Chicks dig a makeover opp!

  1. Decide which shirts to alter – A dress shirt that is solid is best. Of course it’s a matter of personal preference, but you don’t see many heavy metal gods sporting pinstripes, pastels or paisley. Choose what you wish but a solid dark or black shirt is best.
  2. Cut carefully, or not – That’s the beauty of rock star fashions, they’re imperfect and rebellious. Ever see a hardcore rocker or punk whose clothes were perfectly intact? Nope! You can alter a dress shirt and if you tear it a bit or cut slightly crooked, so what? Take the scissors and chop those sleeves right off at the shoulders!
  3. Apply your favorite rockin’ patches – Here’s the fun part! Now that you have removed the sleeves, it’s time to start decorating. Take your favorite patches and attach them to your shirt. You can cut patches off of favorite old items of clothing or buy new ones at the local record store. Use skulls, tattoo art, or band logo patches…whatever you like. Attach them to the desired area of the shirt with a few safety pins.                      
  4. Add some studs – If you’re going to alter a dress shirt you may as well go all the way right? Take a few spikes or studs and attach them along the shoulder seams of the shirt. Or you could trim the edges of the shirt with studs, or even create a design on the front pocket or back of the shirt. Go nuts!

Now try on your masterpiece and take a look in the mirror! Pretty badass huh? Now you could have gone to Hot Topic and paid $50+ for a killer shirt like this, but instead you spent about $10 (MAX) and 30 minutes and have EXACTLY what YOU want. Next time you need a cool new rock shirt, save yourself a trip to the mall and just alter a dress shirt.

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