How To Alter Oral Sex During Pregnancy

By following some basic rules and recommendations, you can learn about how to alter oral sex during pregnancy. While there are some significant changes that should be made during oral sex in order to protect the safety of both the mother and baby, it general it is a relatively safe form of sex that can be enjoyable to both parties involved.

  1. Avoid performing oral sex on the woman if you are currently suffering from a cold sore, blister, or other infection on or around your mouth. This is a sign of infection with a virus, and performing oral sex with such as condition could result in the spread of the virus to both the mother and baby. Avoid doing this at all costs.
  2. Avoid blowing air into the vagina during oral sex in pregnant women. This could result in the formation of an air embolism, which could be extremely dangerous. Air embolisms are basically air bubbles in the blood stream, which when ruptured can result in serious, life-threatening results. This can be especially dangerous if it occurs in a woman who is pregnant, as it can affect both mother and baby.
  3. Consider using a dental dam. Even if you don't have any visible signs of infection on or around your mouth, there are numerous different types of bacteria that live on your tongue, teeth and gums. Transferring these bacteria to the vagina can result in deadly consequences.
  4. Be sure that the woman is comfortable receiving oral sex. Not all women are interested in this during pregnancy.
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