How To Alter A Shirt

Knowing how to alter a shirt is handy as it can make a loose shirt fit better. It's hard to judge how well a shirt fits when buying it, which is something that you realize once you go home and wear it a few times. However, a few simple alterations can make a baggy shirt fit you well enough to accentuate your figure.

To alter a shirt, you will need

  • A Shirt
  • Pins
  • Sewing Machine
  • Seam Ripper
  • Pencil
  • Iron
  1. Try on the shirt before beginning any alterations. Look in a mirror and gauge where the shirt is too big, whether the sleeves are too long, or the body is too big. Mark off any excess material, in both the sleeves and the body, by using pins.
  2. If the sleeve has a seam rather than a cuff, you can simply measure and remove the fabric you don't want. Then simply fold over the new sleeve, iron, and sew using the sewing machine.
  3. If the sleeve has a cuff that doesn't button, you will have to proceed by a different method. Pick out the seams using a seam ripper, and then reattach the cuff in the reverse seam order.
  4. When reducing body width, carefully cut away the excess fabric from the sides. Make sure that the pins have been removed and you have marked their location with a pencil instead, to prevent jagged cuts. Also, make sure you leave enough room for your new allowance. Now simply sew the two parts of the shirt together and iron the seams together.
  5. If the hem extends too long, you will need to cut away some of the fabric. Simply remove the pins, marking the area in an even, smooth pencil line, and cut. Remember to keep enough room for your new seam. Then fold over twice, leaving half an inch of space, and press with the iron to make the two sides lie flat. Sew both sides together, and press again.
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