How To Alter Slacks

Whether you have lost weight, or found a great buy at a resale shop that do not fit, knowing how to alter slacks may become necessary. Paying a seamstress to perform the task is always an option, but doing the project yourself can save you time and money.

  1. Take your measurements.  Begin to alter slacks by measuring the waist, hips and the length from the waist to the point on your leg you wish the pants to touch.
  2. Open the outside seams of your slacks.  To alter slacks, rip or remove the seam on the outside of each leg all the way up to and including the waistband. If there is elastic in the waist, carefully cut and catch the elastic. Pin the elastic to the side of the pants with safety pins until later.
  3. Take in the waist.  Begin with the waist to alter slacks. Measure the waist material of the pants. Subtract the measurement of your waist from this number and add an 1/2-inch. The result is the amount of material your will need to remove. Divide the number in half and carefully cut this amount from each sides of the waist area.
  4. Take in the hips. Measure across the hip area of the pants and repeat the slimming process you did for the waist. Trim any extra material between the waist and hip to form a smooth transition to alter slacks.
  5. Sew the pants back together. Turn the pants inside out and sew a 1/4 inch seam from the bottom of the pant legs to the top of the waist. To alter slacks with elastic, sew the elastic to fit the new waist measurement prior to re-sewing the seam.
  6. Hem your pants. The final step to alter slacks is making them the correct length. Use your length measurement to cut the legs of the pants to the proper length. Remember to add a 1/2 inch to the measurement to allow for a seam. Turn under 1/2 inch of material around the bottom and sew the seam. Do this for both legs.

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