How To Alter Your Suit For A Wedding

It's not too hard to learn how to alter your suit for a wedding. Instead of buying a new suit for a wedding, an old one can simply be modified to suit the theme of the event. Many old suits can be revamped perfectly for events such as these.

  1. Lengthen the sleeves. First, it is important to lengthen the sleeves of the jacket. Usually, wedding suits have sleeves that fall a bit longer than other suit jackets. Simply remove the hem with a seam ripper, iron the jacket sleeves and then rehem with a shorter hem line.
  2. If the pants are too short, also lengthen their hem as well. As with the jacket sleeves, pants can be altered just like the jacket. The same procedures used for sleeves can be used for the pants.
  3. Coordinate the shirt to the suit. Although suits are purchased along with a shirt at the time, the shirt may not be appropriate for weddings. Any white cotton shirt will go with most suits.
  4. Don't forget the little things. Other alterations can be done to the suit such as corsages, ties and cuff links. Depending on the color of the suit and the suit style, there can be many choices of ties for the wedding suit as well. The tie should match the suit itself and the wedding theme colors also.

Altering suits for weddings is a great idea for saving lots of money. These suits serve as a great option for this special event. There are many more ways to alter suits for weddings when researching and preparing for the occasion.



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