How To Anchor A Boat

When out on the water, it's handy to know how to anchor a boat. It can be useful when fishing, swimming, or even getting a bite to eat. It's also good to know in the event of engine failure so you aren't stuck floating around.

To anchor a boat, you will need:

  • Boat
  • Anchor
  • Nylon Anchor Line
  • Marker
  1. Be sure to purchase the proper kind of anchor. Typically, the best types to buy are danforth, mushroom, or plow.
  2. Add a three to six-foot chain to the anchor. It should be a galvanized chain, which can withstand abrasion from sand, rock, and mud.
  3. Attach a nylon anchor to the end of the chain. When figuring out how to anchor a boat, this isn't usually a step that people think of. The nylon will stretch when under strain and help cushion the impact that is left from the waves and wind.
  4. When on the boat, calculate the depth of the water as well as the type of bottom. This will give you a good idea of how to anchor the boat.
  5. After figuring out the depth, you will need to calculate how much anchor line will be needed. The general rule of thumb is five to seven times the depth of the water will be needed for an anchor line.
  6. Put the engine in neutral. After doing so, slowly lower the anchor down. Never just toss it over.
  7. Once the anchor line is all out, make sure the anchor is set. Do this by tugging on the line. Once it's firmly in place, you have successfully learned how to anchor a boat.

Tips and Warnings:

  • Never anchor a boat by the stern. This can be a very costly mistake.
  • Make sure to never let the anchor go before you secure the line to the boat.

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