How And Where To Find A Wet Nurse For Adults

Are you wondering how and where to find a wet nurse for adults? Hiring a wet nurse for an adult may sound entirely impossible, but it can be done if you are willing to look around. A wet nurse is typically a lactating woman who is hired to breastfeed another woman's baby. It was quite popular before the start of the 19th century. It is not as widely practiced in the present day United States of America but it is still practiced in many other parts of the world. Some men choose to hire a wet nurse because they simply like the taste of the milk while others find it sexually appealing. It can be possible to find a wet nurse for an adult with a little patience and money.

  1. Use your favorite search engine to look for wet nurses. This will help you find wet nurses, however they are mostly for infants. There are no known "official" organizations offering a wet nurse to adult clients. If you find a staffing agency that does have wet nurses for infants, you can contact several of their nurses to see if they would be willing to nurse an adult. They may be unwilling at first, but you may be able to change their minds if you have the right amount of money.
  2. Post wanted ads on local classified websites. Clearly state what type of service you are looking for. Be specific about what duties this would include and be sure to state how you will compensate the wet nurse for her services. Most women will not be willing to participate if there is not money involved.
  3. Ask friends and family members if they know any lactating women who would consider becoming a wet nurse. This may be your best and safest option. You never know who may be offering their services on the internet, but you may have a better and safer experience if someone you know has a person that they can recommend.
  4. Know the risks. Be aware that breast milk can be contaminated and that you could possibly receive infections or diseases from consuming the milk. Have your wet nurse tested for diseases prior to any services. Protect yourself by having a contract written up and have the wet nurse sign the contract. It needs to state that the services are consensual.


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