How to Announce Retirement

After spending years at your job and developing relationships with your co-workers, the day will come when you will want to retire. Leaving your career behind to focus on more personal things in your life can be a difficult time for you and everyone to whom you have grown close. Making the decision to announce your retirement should be planned ahead to allow your co-workers to adapt to your absence. There are two simple steps to successfully announce your retirement.

  1. Make the announcement one month before retiring. Your mind is made up and you are ready to retire so you can focus on your family and hobbies. You have enjoyed your career and the relationships created throughout your work history, but now it is time to move on. Breaking the news that you are planning to retire should be done at least one month in advance to allow your co-workers to enjoy the time they have left with you. By announcing your retirement ahead of time, it will give your coworkers time to plan you a retirement party, get those last little office jokes in and deal with your retirement.
  2. Announce your retirement in a happy manner. Announce your retirement with a smile on your face and cheer in your voice. Let your co-workers know that you have enjoyed your career and cherish their friendship. Leaving in a happy manner will make this a joyful time for everyone. You will leave a lasting impression of what a great person you were to work with. Make your announcement a lasting impression of who you were as a worker.
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