How To Annoy People

How to annoy people takes a special type of effort to get on someone's nerves. Unfortunately, some folks are oblivious to irritating behavior and there are those who intentionally is the thorn in a person's ass to get a reaction. Learn how to be the annoying person everyone dreads to see.

  1. Call every five minutes. People are delighted to receive a call from a good friend, relative, or significant other. Unless you are exchanging information via phone due to an emergency, no one wants his phone blasting all day because of the same person. To annoy people, call every five minutes about absolutely nothing and watch the caller become increasingly impatient and avoid picking up your calls.
  2. Talk excessively. Everyone loves a great communicator who tells fascinating stories, even if it is a bit exaggerated. Annoy people by talking their ears off without taking a breather or becoming a listener. To make the situation worse, start a conversation about something the listener does not care about and watch them become bored quickly with your yapping.
  3. Complain. We as humans need people to talk to for advice about a problem and many happily lend an ear. Take it up a notch talking about your issues everyday to the same person, and watch them become annoyed quickly as you become negative Ned. Whatever advice given to you, ignore it and continue to complain about how life sucks.
  4. Eat loudly with your mouth open. The best food etiquette is eating with your mouth closed, but instead, chew your food loudly and widen your mouth so people can see what is going down to your stomach. Pretend it is your last meal on Earth by eating loudly to annoy people. Do not be surprised when everyone carries earplugs for next dinner.
  5. Talk loudly on the phone. It's interesting what we hear in public everytime someone talks on their cellphone and while some people are amusing, others can be annoying. Talk loudly on the phone in public places: bus, train, checkout line in stores, and laugh loudly at every joke the person on the end of the phone telling you. Better yet, activate your phone to speakerphone so everyone around can hear the entire conversation.
  6. Brag about your achievements. It is nice to hear the success of others, as they are inspiring, but a person bragging constantly about their new expensive car, extravagant trips, house, and the amount of money in their bank account gets annoying quickly. Throw modesty out the window and become an arrogant egomaniac flaunting your success everyday in people's faces.
  7. Be late all the time. Early birds are often in conflict with people who love to be very late. Pick someone you know are always on time and set a date and specific time to see him then arrive 30 minutes to an hour late. This is the fastest way to become inconsiderate and annoying by wasting others' time while they wait for you.
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