How To Apologize To A Girl

It’s no secret that since the beginning of time men have made mistakes with their female counterparts (or potential ones) and correspondingly, it’s been about that long since many of them have pondered just how to apologize to a girl. We all know it’s not always a simple task to find the right words to express your regret when we have wronged a lady.

Before you swallow your pride, put on your sensitivity cap and begin the process of groveling and begging for forgiveness, you will want to take into consideration just what strategy will work best for you in your situation when attempting to apologize to a girl. Not all women are set in the same mind frame, and of course we must take into account just what type of domestic crime your are seeking forgiveness for.

While every situation is different, we have come up with a pretty basic strategy that outlines the three basic steps you’ll want to follow while figuring out just how to apologize to a girl.

  1. Leave your ego at the door. Having to apologize to a girl can often be quite a humbling if not, for some, emasculating experience. This is particularly so for those of us who are not apologizing for the purpose of sincerity and are just looking to get out of the dog house. Suck it up! If you follow this guide it’ll be over in no time. And we need not remind you that the male ego is often what puts us in position to have to apologize in the first place.
  2. Admit to your wrong doing without a “but.” The first thing you will want to say to her is that you know what you did was wrong and you are sincerely regretful for having done so (even if you’re not). Under no circumstances should you follow this statement with the word “but,” or any type of justification for what you have done. Women appreciate the vulnerability you will be exhibiting by admitting to your guilt. However, they will see any type of justifying your actions as an excuse and you will be swiftly catapulted into an emotional war of words which could later result in the inevitable crying. Remember—no buts!
  3. With as much sincerity in your voice as possible, look her in the eye tell her you’re sorry. It is very important that when you apologize to a girl the tone in your voice sounds sincere, even if you aren’t. You don’t want to use the same tone in which you would ask her to toss you the remote control. You must mean it, or at least sound convincing enough for her to think you do.

That’s it guys. That’s all there is to it. Follow these three simple steps, tweak it accordingly to your gal. Good luck!

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