How To Apply Beard Wax

Manscaping involves how to apply beard wax and a variety of other manly preparations prior to leaving the house. Beards and moustaches left to their own devices can become quite wild and unruly and wax may be necessary to put your best food forward in the outside world. Waxes vary in content and waxers should conduct a trial test to make sure the wax doesn't create an allergic reaction to any of the ingredients. You'll need a few items to do up the official waxing, including;

  • beard brush
  • beard comb
  • beard wax
  • washcloth
  • soap or shampoo and water
  • mirror
  1. Clean your beard. Use soap or shampoo to clean your beard. Beard wax should not be applied to a dirty beard. It's gross. Women find this particularly unappealing. If you aren't interested in attracting women, consider then your friends and strangers who need to look at your beard during the course of the day.
  2. Dry your beard. Use the towel to rub your beard totally dry. Adding wax to a damp or wet beard doesn't provide the best results. 
  3. Brush your beard. This step removes any stray hairs.
  4. Take wax and put a small amount in your palm. Open the container of beard wax and apply a small amount on your palm. The most important part of how to apply beard wax is guesstimating just how much wax is enough to keep the hairs in place and how much is excess. 
  5. Apply a small amount to one side. Rub the wax until the consistency is smooth and apply a small bit to one side of your face. Less is more, so start with the smallest amount. You can always add more, if necessary, once you cover the entire beard. 
  6. Apply a small amount to the other side. Do the same process for the opposite side of your face. Try to match the same amount of the first application to the other side. 
  7. Comb the sides of the beard. Use the comb to bring the hairs to all face the same direction. Depending on the style of beard you sport, this may be back away from the mouth or may bring hairs forward in large curls. 
  8. Work the front of the beard by rubbing in a small amount of wax. Take a small amount of wax and work it up to apply to the front of the beard. Try to match the amount that you applied to the sides. 
  9. Comb. Use the comb and evenly comb the hairs in the central part of the beard in the direction that fits your beard styling. 
  10. Use the towel to lightly rub the hairs in the correct direction. This is an optional step and is usually only necessary when you've gone a bit overboard on the amount of wax applied to the beard. Take a small hand towel and lightly take off any excess wax that may have melted into an unattractive glob during the beard waxing process. 

Tip: If you don't like the look with one wax, experiment with other brands. Not all beard waxes are created equal. Most manufacturers have their own formula and one may work far better than another. 

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