How To Apply Cologne

Need to know how to apply cologne? Applying cologne so that it lasts is a simple task, you just need to make sure cologne is applied to the correct places. Never overload cologne onto your body as this can trigger allergies in the people near you, or be so offensively strong that people have a hard time being near you.

  1. Before applying any cologne you should make sure your body is clean. Cologne will only temporarily mask any offensive smells and before you realize it the offensive odors will gradually overpower the cologne.
  2. If your cologne has a very strong scent you will want to spray it into the air and walk into it. Do not spray the cologne into the air and wait to walk into it; you’re trying to collect the cologne droplets as they are still in the air. This method will help fragrance your body without being over powering.
  3. If your cologne is a lighter fragrance you will want to apply it to the pulse points. This helps release fragrance every time your heart beats, this happens due to the pulse points being like little heaters, each time the pulse point heats up it releases your cologne. The pulse points you should target are the backs of the knees, inner elbows, and inner wrists, the sides of the neck and directly behind the ear lobe.
  4. Another good heat source for applying cologne is the head. You can lightly mist your hair to help give off your cologne scent all day long.


Apply cologne



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