How To Apply The Law Of Attraction

How to apply the Law of Attraction to seduce a woman means you begin with your thoughts. It’s all in your mind, and that’s partly true. How to apply the Law of Attraction means you obsess about the image, but take it a step further. You think it into becoming naturally occurring. The basics of the Law of Attraction is as old as karma. According to LOA principles, you make a commitment to seduce a hot chick. And you do it. Simple as that. It does not matter if you resemble the red haired dude with missing teeth on the cover of Mad magazine or if you look like Larry King’s demented twin brother. It does not matter. It’s mind over matter. You make it happen. If you want a hot beach babe, you’d better be prepared to get it. Remember the zany comedy film "Animal House?" Near the end of movie, this kid's lying on his bed, flipping through "Playboy" and a sexy, scantily clad girl goes flying through his open window, right onto on his lap, having been catapulted by accident from her perch on a parade float. He looks up, and enthusiastically gives thanks to the universe. That is the law of attraction in action, and it can work as easily or chaotic as you want. So, be careful what you wish for.


  1. Be at the right place at the right time, and be bold. How to apply the law of attraction means to be out in the world where the sexy girls are, and chances are, something will happen. It’s harder if you’re in to nightly beer fests, shooting street hoops with the fellas or shoving down pepperoni pizza while watching CNN. Put on a casual black T-shirt and splash of men’s cologne and get out there there and hunt, you wild thing. Peruse weddings. There are lots of sentimental girls there, in their party best, hoping to get swept off their feet, after grabbing the bouquet. You are like an animal sniffing out the prey. The law of attraction works in the same way. There’s an old song that goes: “Things just aint the same; anytime the hunter gets captured by the game. In Law of Attraction, remember what you seek or hunt is also seeking and hunting you."       
  2. The cosmos favor swift action. Action is the magic word. When contemplating how to apply the Law of Attraction, keep your contemplating to a minimum and your contemplators to a maximum. If you see a pretty woman and you want her, make eye contact, move in and take charge. With the Law of Attraction, the picture of your perfect 10 is already in your mind. When you see her, go for it. 
  3. He who hesitates is lost. Knowing what you want is key to learning how to effectively apply the Law of Attraction to your advantage. Know how you feel about yourself and make it hot as the babe you envision. Like attracts like. So, you better look as hot as you feel. And when it comes to seducing her, do not hold back, it's time for the A-game. In the Law of Attraction, if the impulse is there, seize it. Seize the moment. Seize the moment to hold her hand, touch a lock of her hair, lean to listen attentively, kiss her palm and kiss the crook of the inside of her elbow and her neck. Just kiss her already. Seduce her and all the while she'll laug inside, because she'll think she's the one who has bagged you. Who's zooming who? In the Law of Attraction, the question is moot.
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