How To Apply Paraffin Wax To Face

If you are a beginner or experimenting with paraffin wax, it is first important to learn how to apply paraffin wax to the face in order to reduce the risks and enhance the benefits. Paraffin wax is primarily used in health and medical spas in order to gently peel away deal layers of skin while concurrently relieving dry skin, arthritis, and open wounds or sores. Nonetheless, the same results can be achieved at home with the proper guide.

 To learn how to apply paraffin wax you will need:

  • Paraffin
  • Paraffin bath or heater
  • 1 paint brush
  • medical gauze
  • moisture lotion
  1. Set the temperature on your paraffin heater to a comfortable setting. You want the wax to become fluid and warm, therefore, a moderate heat setting should accommodate this process to ensure that you will not burn or irritate your face with extreme heated paraffin wax.
  2. Place the paraffin inside of the heater. This process can take up to 3 hours to fully heat the wax and melt it down until it appears like water. It is important not to stir the paraffin around until it is completely heated.
  3. Apply the moisture lotion to the face. Liberally apply the moisture lotion to the face. The face should fully absorb the lotion and should not rest on top of the skin. The moisture will allow the wax removal process from the face to be more flexible while simultaneously allowing the moisture to penetrate into the pores of the skin.
  4. Apply gauze on to the face. This step is optional but should be performed by beginners to ensure that they do not burn the face with hot wax until more experience is acquired. Some kits have pre-made gauze masks available for purchase which is more practical for first time users. The gauze should be undoubled to its finest layer. Simply take the gauze and form a pattern around the face leaving the eyes and mouth portions exposed. This will protect the skin from burns.
  5. Apply the paraffin wax with the paint brush. Take the paint brush and lightly dip it inside of the paraffin bath or heater. Next, lightly brush the face with the paint brush and fully coat the skin or gauze with the wax. Please apply carefully since the substance is extremely watery and can run into areas of the eyes, nose and mouth.
  6. Let the paraffin dry. Let the paraffin wax sit on the face for approximately ten minutes or until the wax is completely dry. Once the wax is dry, gently pull the wax mask off of the facial skin. After this step is complete you may notice how soft and smooth the skin has become. Additionally, to increase circulation and moisture intake you can opt to gently massage the facial skin. 

Learning how to apply paraffin wax to the face can be rejuvenating for the skin, however it is important to never leave your face or a client’s face unattended. Additionally it is also important to monitor the heat setting of your bath or heater to ensure that burning will not occur. In following these simple steps, learning how to apply paraffin wax can be a great experience to revitalize the skin.

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