How To Apply Skimboard Wax

Learning how to apply skimboard wax is not too hard, and it will greatly improve your performance. All that you need is a clean board and some quality wax to fix up your board so that you are ready to use it at the beach. 

How to Apply Skimboard Wax: Materials

  • Smimboard
  • Hose or water supply
  • Rag or sponge
  • Wax for cold or warm water skimboarding

How to Apply Skimboard Wax

  1. First, clean your smiboard very well. Spray it down with water, and use a rag or a sponge to firmly scrub all of the grim and saltwater off of it before you actually put the wax on it.
  2. Next, you will need to coat the entire top of the skimboard with wax. The friction between it and your feet keeps you on top of the skimboard. Start rubbing the wax on, going lengthwise along the top of the board. Start at one side, and go forward and back, slowly working your way toward the middle, and then to the other side, until your board has been waxed completely using a front to back motion.
  3. Then, wax side to side. Start at the back (only on the top side of the board, where your feet will rest), and go from left to right and back, working your way forward, toward the middle, and then all of the way up to the front. Now, your board should have been thoroughly waxed using a front to back motion, and then completely waxed using a side to side motion.
  4. Now, you can use the board. If you find it necessary to apply more after some time of use, apply some more wax, using a front to back and then side to side motion.

Learning how to apply skimboard wax is simple. Just rub it on thoroughly from front to back, then from side to side, only on the board's top side, and then you can have a great time boarding in front of the waves at the beach.

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