How To Apply Surf Board Wax

Learning how to apply surfboard wax will help maintain footing and protect your surfboard over time. Applying wax to a surfboard is a quick and simple process. The wax on a surfboard will provide you with greater traction and control. Surfboards are generally slick and unlike a skateboard do not ride with grip tape. Learning how to apply wax on a surfboard will produce the best results. Improper waxing causes lumping and uneven traction points. Proper application of wax to a surfboard will depend on whether the board is new or used. This article will take you through the removal process and application of surfboard wax. This will give you the entire lifecycle needs to waxing a surfboard.

Things you will need to do this:

  • Surfboard
  • Waxing comb
  • Wax

How to wax a surfboard:

  1. For a surfboard with wax already applied and ready for a new application, you will need to use the waxing comb. Using the end with the teeth, rub it over the board in a circular motion. Turn the comb over and use the straight edge to remove the wax.
  2. Follow this process across the entire board. Once the old wax has been removed, the application of the new wax is ready. The wax you will use is called surfboard wax. Application is done liberally and completely.
  3. Take the flat portion of the wax, not the edge to do the applying. Rub the wax over the surfboard in a tight circular motion. Once you have applied wax to the surfboard, you are ready to go surfing.
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