How To Apply Wax To A Skimboard

Just like with a surfboard, you have to know how to apply wax to a skimboard to get the most out of it. Skimboards can be slippery little devils and you will look and feel stupid if you forget the wax and go flying in one direction while launching your board into a crowd. You can easily get away with a single coat of wax but the combination of a hard wax and softer wax creates traction bumps which will keep you glued to your ride. Plus, this is the tried and true beach bum method if you are lucky enough go skimboarding a lot.

Before you begin, note some tips on wax. There are several brands of surf wax available for your skimboard. Rather than getting caught up in brand names or cool logos, all you need to remember is surf wax is graded by water temperature. Hard wax is for tropical seas. If you live in Palau, hard wax is all you need because anything else will melt. If you live on the damn mainland, you would choose a softer wax. To create those cool bumps you see on surfboards, you will need both.

To apply wax to a skimboard, you will need:

  • A skimboard
  • Hard wax
  • Soft wax graded for your local water temperature
  1. Hard wax. To apply wax to a skimboard, you will want to cover the whole thing because a skimboard is not very big to begin with. Also, the wax goes on top…sounds fairly obvious but hell, you never know. Take the hard wax, use a little pressure and apply it evenly from rail to rail. After you cover the whole board, do this again vertically to start producing traction bumps.
  2. Soft wax. Now open the soft wax that is rated for your local water temperature and start applying another light coat to your skimboard. The direction does not really matter but if you apply it diagonally, you will quickly start producing more bumps. As stated previously, this second coat is not actually needed but the traction produced will be much better than using only one type of wax.
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