How To Appraise Baseball Cards

There are many ways to appraise baseball cards. The most popular way to appraise baseball cards is to purchase a price guide that specializes in baseball cards. You can also obtain appraisal values by contacting professional sports authenticators and memorabilia buyers, visiting a local sports shop, or by checking the current market value via internet bidding sites. 

When appraising baseball cards, several factors are taken into consideration. These factors include content, condition, age, and scarcity. 

  1. Content: When appraising baseball cards, the person that is pictured on the card is of considerable importance. Generally, cards containing pictures of star professional baseball players are in higher demand, which increases the appraisal value. Even if a star player is not pictured on your card, your card may still be of worth, especially if the card is a rookie card.
  2. Condition: Cards that are in mint or near mint condition carry a higher price value than cards that are in fair to poor condition. When you purchase a card, if you plan on having it appraised in the future, it is always recommended that you have the card professionally graded by a sports card grading company. 
  3. Age: When appraising baseball cards, generally speaking, the older the card is, the more value that card will have. Old and vintage cards, especially those from the late 1800's into the early 1900's, are of great value to buyers. 
  4. Scarcity: Certain cards were not produced in high amounts by baseball card manufacturers, which increases value to appraisers due to the rarity of the card. If the card is rare and in mint condition, chances are when you appraise the card, the worth of the card will be high.


Baseball Cards Values



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