How To Appraise Gold

Do you have some old gold jewelry, and want to know it's worth and have been wondering "How to appraise gold?"  Well, many people are interested in taking a closer look at their old gold jewelry and are curious of its value. Instead of having your old gold jewelry sitting around not being used, you can possibly make some money off of it. Nowadays people are able to appraise gold jewelry from home, online or at a store. You have a few options to choose from when you decide to proceed.

In order to appraise gold you will need :

  • computer with Internet access
  • gold jewelry kit
  1. Look up an online jewelry appraisal center.  You can use a search engine to find an online jewelry appraisal website. You will enter your gold jewelry information such as the estimated weight of jewelry, the type of jewelry, and the karat of the jewelry.  To appraise gold you may also have a few multiple choice questions to answer.  You will receive an estimated value for your gold jewelry's worth from the information you have entered into the computer.
  2. Purchase a gold appraisal kit online or in the store.  This kit will help you to determine, the nature, material, and karat of the gold to find its value.  Follow the directions in the kit to appraise gold properly. This will give you an idea of what your gold jewelry is worth.
  3. Go to the store. Take the gold to a reputable jewelry store in your area. Have an appraisal done to determine your jewelry's worth. When you appraise gold at the store, an approximate value will be determined of your gold jewelry.
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