How To Approach Cigar Smoking Girls

Are you hesitant, but really want to know how to approach cigar smoking girls you know will be at the party?  Not sure how you feel about a cigar smoking girl?  Nowadays, most girls who smoke cigars are thought to be true cigar aficionados; they do not do it to be “trendy." Instead, cigar smoking girls tend to be strong, ultra-successful, independent, and live life to the utmost degree.  Conversely, if you want to chat up those cigar-smoking girls, you better have your confidence level up to full throttle.  The good news is, most cigar smoking girls are extremely passionate, and may have an “oral” fixation.  Nevertheless, you need a sure-fire (pun intended) game plan. 

Here is all you will need to approach your cigar smoking girl:

  • Cigars
  • Cigar Band (holds the tobacco leaves together)
  • Confidence
  1. Learn how to smoke a cigar with panache.  If you don’t already know the art of smoking a cigar, there are video’s aplenty online if you have no friends who smoke.  If you have no cigarette smoking experience, it may be a problem at first to learn how to smoke cigars.  Inhale only a small bit if it is your first time; you’ll get better with practice.
  2. Get yourself in the mood.  Light up your cigar, and from a moderate distance from the cigar smoking girls, gaze at them through the haze.  Tilt your head slightly to the side.  Let your half closed eyes linger on the object of your desire.  Be confident, but try not to act overly interested.  Casually sip your drink and prepare for your smooth move. 
  3. Head over there.  Crank up your confidence, grab a drink, slap on a sincere smile and slowly approach cigar smoking girls.  Don’t slosh your drink and watch that your cigar does not burn anyone in close proximity on your way.  Once there, nod your head and greet them all.
  4. Know your history.  It would be smart when you approach cigar-smoking girls if you knew a little about the original cigar-smoking women of the past.  Smilingly say, “Ladies, did you know that 2,000 years ago, the ancient Mayan women were just as likely to roll dried tobacco and smoke cigars as the men?  Your connection between cigars and your Mayan sisters is legendary.”  Then stop talking and gage their reaction.  Smarts are sexy; they will be impressed that you know these cool trivia facts, and there’s your “in.”
  5. Pair off.  After making small talk with the group, tactfully claim the lucky cigar-smoking girl of your dreams.  Gently take her elbow and lead her away from her friends. Ask her if she would like to have a drink and continue the conversation.   Cigar smoking girls generally light up for the pleasure and relaxation they bring, so by now she should be amendable to talking privately with you.
  6. Pour on the corn and cheese.  Once you’ve captured her interest enough to agree to see you again, take her hand in yours and slip the cigar band on her finger.  She may be caught off guard, but it will definitely bring a smile to her lips.  Even a sophisticated cigar smoking girl can appreciate a cute, corny man who isn’t afraid to be silly.  Cheesy can be smooth, if done with the right spirit. 

To all the cigar-smoking girls in the world:  To err is human; to smoke is human, but to smoke cigars … is divine.

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