How To Approach A Traffic Light On A Motorcycle

People who have never ridden a motorcycle may wonder how to approach a traffic light on a motorcycle. It's not time to put your guard down when you're approaching a traffic light. Being aware of your surroundings is a large part of accident prevention, and coming up on a traffic light adds more elements to keep an eye on.

  1. If the light just turned red, you'll have to stop. Shift down as you brake. This allows the motorcycle to be ready at a moment's notice to accelerate and move out of the way if someone is coming up fast behind you and doesn't notice you.
  2. As you come to a stop, keep the motorcycle in first gear. You may want to flash your brake light a few times upon seeing any vehicles behind you. If you see a car coming from behind that isn't going to stop, you are ready to pull over and get out of their way.
  3. If the light is yellow and there are cars ahead of you, you'll also need to stop. Keep an eye out for drivers speeding up to make it through the light at the last minute.
  4. For a green light, slow down just a bit as you come up on it. Look down the cross street as you come on the intersection and make sure no vehicles are running red lights. Be prepared to avoid any vehicles.
  5. The traffic light stop-bar insets on the ground can be slick. When at a red light, carefully apply the throttle as you accelerate through the traffic light. A motorcycle with a free spinning rear wheel at an intersection can become dangerous quite fast.
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