How To Approach A Woman At Church

 Knowing how to approach a woman at church may help you find a partner that shares similar values and beliefs with you. It is important that you talk with her at an appropriate time that doesn't take away from any important parts of the service or meeting. Church is a great place to meet someone provided that you stick with a few guidelines.

  1. Find the right time. There is time before and after the message in a traditional service that would be an appropriate time to seek someone out. If you are at a church social event, there are plenty of good times to go and talk with someone. Remember, during the service is non the right time to talk.
  2. Think about what you want to say. A church does not lend itself to being the type of place you can say whatever you want to pick up a woman. Consider starting out by talking about the service or something that really stood out to you about what the priest or pastor said. Have something in your mind before you make your way over.
  3. Make eye contact and walk up casually. You want her to know that you are headed her way. Strike up a conversation with some of the ideas from the previous step. Shake her hand and introduce yourself. Ask her name.
  4. Find an event at church to attend together. Today's churches are full of social events and opportunities to meet other people in the community. Take the time to see if she will be at any of the events in the near future and arrange to meet before or after for coffee or even dinner.
Be sure that at all times you are a gentlemen. Because you are approaching a woman at church, she will be expecting that you are a stand up guy with good values and a genuine interest in getting to know her.
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