How To Approach A Woman At The Grocery Store

If you are looking for that someone special, try to approach a woman at the grocery store. Everyone needs to go to the store and it makes it the perfect opportunity to meet someone new. As you fill up the cart with food and items that you need for home, take your time and look around. You never know who you will run into.

  1. Find someone you want to talk to. Walk around and complete your regular shopping and keep your eyes peeled for anyone that looking interesting to approach. To make it a little easier, you probably want to find someone that is shopping alone. It might be awkward to start up a conversation with a group of women or a woman walking along the aisles with another man.
  2. When you see her, think about what you want to say. There are all types of cheesy lines that you can start out with; especially at a grocery store. However, you want to try to avoid those and try for something a little more adult. For example, if you are in the produce section, you can ask her opinion on the fruits that are in season or ask her what she thinks of a new brand of pasta.
  3. Make eye contact. You want to look at her and smile. At times, being approached by a man while you are alone can be intimidating, so you don't want to make her scared or concerned. Keeping a smile will make things easier. At the first sign that you are making her uncomfortable, you want to end the conversation and walk away. Things have already started out on the wrong foot and it would be very tough to try to salvage things.
  4. Begin a conversation. You can use some of the ideas discussed earlier, but you want to continue talking past the first line. You can even ask her more questions, but at some point, you want to offer your name and ask her name in return.
  5. From there, you want to be your charming self. Continue talking to her and see if there is interest from her end. When you feel confident, you can ask her out or arrange for a time to get together. Remember, if at any point, things aren't going well, you can cut ties and move on. Don't forget, approaching a woman in a grocery store can be a real adventure.
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