How To Approach A Woman On The Street

Knowing how to approach a woman on the street is not easy. You contemplate how to approach her correctly, what words to say and try to save yourself from embarrassment if the lady shoot you down in public, especially if other people witness it, or worse, if her group of friends is around. Therefore, if you ever find yourself having difficulty approaching women on the street, whether because of shyness or saying the wrong thing, learn some different ways to get a woman’s number and a first date successfully.

  1. Be yourself. Those two words make a big different when you approach a woman on the street, so understand what may work for one person may be completely opposite for you. To avoid an awkward situation, stay true and introduce yourself, extend your hand to give her a handshake and compliment on her beauty, and if she responds positively, continue with a conversation. This will not only be a relief to you, but her as well since you are just not another guy whistling, or making up lame lines in the hopes that she falls for it.
  2. Observe her actions. Sometimes approaching a woman requires a strategy, because you want to come up with ways to start a conversation on the street. If you see an attractive woman standing in line ordering food, ask her if that is her favorite food, or perhaps joke to the cashier that she is paying for two. Alternatively, if she is reading a book on the bus or train, ask her what the name of the book is and if she is an avid reader. These little things can be quite successful as they show you are interested in what she is doing. This will show that your approach is about more than her looks, and she will be thankful for it.
  3. Make the conversation short and simple. If the woman shows genuine interest and does not seem that she will reject you within ten seconds, continue to talk, but not too long as she might be in a hurry or not very comfortable chatting it up with a stranger on the street for more than ten minutes. Politely state that you would like to extend your chat over coffee or dinner and ask for her number or email address. If she accepts the offer, smile and say you will email or give her a call soon.
  4. Show confidence. It is normal to feel nervous approaching a complete stranger on the street, not knowing her reactions but displaying a cool and confident manner. Do not try to practice what to say in your mind because usually you will stumble over your words and everything will come out wrong. Also, think positive; the worst that can happen is that she does not want to know you. The best thing is being happy that you tried and eventually finding yourself getting more comfortable talking to women, and you might end up with someone who will happily go on a date with you.
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