How Are BMX Frames Made?

How are BMX frames made? If you are into BMX bikes, you may wonder how BMX frames are made. BMX biking and racing is a popular and entertaining sport. Many enjoy biking and watching BMX biking. If you are a BMX biker, you may already know that there are various types of BMX frames. Depending on your biking needs, there is a BMX frame just right for you. When working with metal, you will need to weld the pieces together. Welding takes time and practice. You may want to purchase additional pieces of metal for practice. A BMX frame is a challenging project to create. Make sure you take proper safety precautions. You could also bring your design and metal to a professional welder to create your custom BMX frame.

In order to make a BMX frame, you will need:

  • Metal tubes
  • A welding torch
  • Tack welds
  1. Choose your metal. Chrome moly is a type of alloy. It is made from chromium and molybdenum. It is light, yet strong and durable. This is often one of the best choices for making a BMX frame.
  2. Create the design. Some prefer to use software to create the BMX frame design and determine the correct measurements. A standard frame is about 20.5 inches to 20.75 inches.
  3. You will need two small tubes and two larger tubes. They will need to be welded together using your welding machine and TIG welding for the alloy. Apply the tack welds to minimize movement during welding. If the tubes move during the welding process, they can be cold set back in place.
  4. Once you finish welding the pieces together, allow to cool. Once the frame has cooled you can begin testing it for strength and performance.
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