How Are Compound Bows Different Than Standard Bows?

Do you want to buy a bow and are wondering how are compound bows different than standard bows? The bow that you choose to use will effect what type of targets you are aiming for in archery. No matter your use of a bow, whether for a sport of archery, for hunting or for mere entertainment; the power of the arch in all in the bow. Knowing the difference between compound bows and standard bows will help you to determine which type of bow will best fit your needs.

Compound Bows

  1. Modern bow design. Compound bows have a more mechanical design to them, which makes them more manageable to carry and draw. It is also known for being the shortest bow within the bow family.
  2. Stiff limbs. Unlike regular standard bows the string does not attach to the tips of the limbs. The limbs on the compound bows feature a cable with a pulley system which makes the limbs stiffer. Compound bows are made of composite materials.
  3. More accurate shot. The pulley system allows a higher draw weight, thus building up considerable force. This allows for the compound bows to have a more accurate shot.

Standard Bows

  1. Longbow design. The standard bow is also called a "longbow" because of its design. A standard bow is usually close to height of the person who is drawing the bow. The bow shape of a standard bow is a simple arch from one end of the bow to the other end of the bow.
  2. Narrow and long limbs. The build of the limbs on standard bows makes them D-shaped in the cross section. Standard bows are made from a piece of natural wood, which makes them great for hunting.
  3. Long draw. The height of Standard bows gives the archer a long draw. There is approximately 30 inches of length worth of arrow shot using a standard bow.



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