How Are Full Body Workouts Better Than Splits?

How are full body workouts better than splits? In recent years, trainers and exercise experts have moved in favor of full body workouts over the traditional bodybuilders “split” method. By training your whole body during each workout, rather than splitting your muscle groups up, you’ll enjoy more balanced development, better strength gains, and improved overall fitness.

  1. Athleticism. Full body workouts are better than splits because they require you to use your muscles together in a coordinated fashion, much the way you would in real life. Training your entire body in one workout calls on massive amounts of muscle at one time, teaching your nervous system how to more efficiently apply force. The muscular coordination built with full body workouts builds much more athleticism than training muscles separately.
  2. Efficiency. If you happen to have a busy schedule, full body workouts are a great time saver. Training with full body workouts is a much efficient way to train because fewer workouts are needed than with splits. While a typical split routine may require up to six days per week, you can make plenty of progress training your full body only three days per week.
  3. Strength Building. Full body workouts are superior when it comes to building strength because they allow you to use heavier weights. Whereas split workouts use lots of single joint isolation exercises, Full body programs rely on compound, multi-joint exercises that allow you to use heavier weights. The combination of compound exercise and heavy weights build strength very quickly.
  4. Overall Fitness. Training your entire body builds overall fitness faster than split training because you expend more energy during the workout. Full body training is a great way to build cardiovascular fitness and endurance while gaining strength and muscle
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