How Are Horse Show Jumps Scored?

If you're a spectator that is new to equestrian events, you may wonder how are horse show jumps scored. There is more to this activity than riding a horse and jumping. Riders must follow an exact order while performing. Learn how to accurately know how to define a winner. Find out how simple it is to answer the question how are horse show jumps scored. The details below are specifically for Hunter Jumper horse shows.

  1. Keep time. How horse show jumps are scored depends on a time variance. Jumps must be made within a specific time or risk obtaining a fault.
  2. Count faults. Faults can lessen points received in horse show jumps. Penalties are assigned for refusal of jumps, fences dropped during jumps and falling horse or rider.
  3. Stay paced. An important factor of horse show jump scores includes maintaining a steady pace. Riders must guide the equines to keep the same gallop rhythm as before the jump. A change in that pace results in a fault.
  4. Jump succession. Jumps made by the horse must be made in a precise pattern. Scores will lower if not made in the correct order.
  5. Avoid water. Horse show jump scores include the water jump. Horses that step in or on perimeter of the water will incur faults.
  6. Combine it all. You have discovered that horses that make all jumps in the precise order, within the allotted time, with the fewest faults win. You can now successfully answer the question of how horse show jumps are scored.



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