How Are Skateboards Made

Skateboards are really popular today, so you may be wondering, how are skateboards made? Most of them are made from wood, but only certain woods are actually used. Maple tree wood is the most common type of wood from which skateboards are made. These are the types of skateboards that high skill level riders prefer. However, you should know that due to the way in which these skateboards are made, they will cost you quite a bit more money.

  1. First, the wood is cut into very thin slices, known as veneers. These veneers are laminated together with glue. This is similar to the way in which plywood is made. The glue is sandwiched between the thin, flat strips of wood. This wood is then pressed together and allowed to dry.
  2. Skateboards that have kick-tails on them will have the wood pressed into this bent shape. The next step in making a skateboard is to cut the skateboard out from the wood. Holes are drilled where the trucks will be mounted on the bottom of the skateboards.
  3. Once this process is complete you will need to sand and finish the boards. Various finishes are then applied to the skateboards before the custom graphics, coatings and silk screens are applied. The skateboards are placed on a big rack where they dry. After the skateboards undergo this drying process it will be time to attach any additional features before the skateboards are boxed and shipped.
  4. There are also composite and plastic skateboards available to choose from. Each has its own advantages. Regardless of which type you opt for, make sure that you look closely to ensure that it is a high-quality board.
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