How Are Steroids Taken?

"How are steroids taken," is a surprisingly popular question.  Many who have come across steroids, most notably through reports of athletes who are on steroids, have wondered the mechanism for taking them.  Here are the two common methods for taking steroids.

  1. Oral steroids.  The first method of taken steroids is orally.  This can be done by taking the anabolic steroids as pills, or even mixing them and drinking the steroids as a solution.  Such methods need to be repeated throughout the day or on some other frequent basis, as some oral steroids have a short life.
  2. Injectable steroids.  Injectable steroids are obviously injected directly in the blood stream.  They are injected on areas of the body that have a large surface area.  For instance, the glute, shoulder, and thigh are popular places to inject such steroids.  These types of steroids only have to be taken once or twice a week. The safest method is injectable steroids.  This is the most common due to the risks that taking oral steroids has on the liver.  Oral steroids have to be taken more often and have implications on the liver's ability to handle steroids.

Dangers of taking steroids: In sports steroids have taken a hit due to their ability for athletes to "cheat."  However, it should be noted that steroids have a number of dangerous side effects.  If you are considering taking steroids, consult your doctor regarding the risks to determine safer alternatives.  It could make a huge difference in your overall health.



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