How Are Veins Related To Body Fat Percentage?

Depending on the person, veins can be sexy or unattractive, but how are veins related to body fat percentage? Most of the body's veins are blood vessels that carry deoxygenated blood from the tissues back to the heart. Everyone has veins, but some people's veins seem to show more than others. The veins of the arms and legs seem to be the most visible on the human body. Below you will find a few ways in which veins are related to body fat percentage.

  1. Low Body Fat. Your veins are related to lower body fat percentages. Most males will have to get below twelve percent body fat in order for their veins to show. You may have to get into single digit body fat percentages to see your veins. Getting down below ten percent body fat is difficult for the average male, but you can do it with a semi-clean diet and lots of cardiovascular training. Participate in your favorite sports more often, especially those that get and keep the heart rate up for a period of time. Eat at least five small meals a day to boost your metabolism. Simply cut back on your current portions and add a couple of salads in between your meals. Use vinaigrette dressings for your salads if any. This method alone will shave fat off almost immediately.
  2. Genetics. Some people are genetically predisposed to visible veins. Skinny people often have very noticeable veins showing through their skin.  Their seemingly perfect balance of low body fat and low muscle mass is somewhat responsible for their showy veins.
  3. Fluid Retention. Your ability to rid your body of excess water is very important for your vein display. No matter how lean you are, if your body holds onto water your veins will never show. Drink at least three quarts of water a day and cut your sodium intake down to no more than one thousand milligrams per day.

Keep in mind, your genetics will be the biggest determining factor in how much the veins in your body will show no matter what you do.

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