How To Arouse Female Sexual Desire

Well-rounded lovemaking should include foreplay or knowing how to arouse female sexual desire. While there is exception to every rule, a woman's sexual desire differs slightly from a man's in that her's is partially dependant upon response to external stimuli. It is very important for a man to know, or ask how to arouse his partner and not just rush right into sex. Check the strategy below for ways to arouse female sexual desire.

  1. Talk with her. Most women admire, respect and prefer intelligent men. Most women will also be more concerned with what's inside your head, the one on your neck, long before she will be interested in the other one. Gradually turn your stimulating conversation into foreplay by saying something sexy; preferably about her. Always throw in some light humor and listen to her when she speaks so that you can pick-up on her sexual desire. Never ever talk down to a woman.
  2. Use your Pheromones. Pheromones are odorless chemicals that are emitted from the body that signal your arousal and sexual receptivity. Wash your body with an unscented soap and use very little, if any cologne when you want to arouse your partner. This will make sure your pheromones reach their target to help her get aroused.
  3. Be yourself. Most women can do without fakes, and by the time she's twenty two she's heard it all. Keep it real to arouse her sexual desire. If you like racquetball but can't play for squat, be honest about it. On the other hand, if you were a star football player in college, let her find that out on her own, she will appreciate it more than if you brag about it.
  4. Touch her more often. Most woman love the touch of their partner, and will get sexually aroused by it. Your touches don't always have to be in a sexual way, but that's okay too. Stroke her neck or arm, play with her hair, massage her shoulders.

Tip: You should also become more sensitive to your partner's subtle body language, it will always tell you when she is aroused sexually.

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