How To Arouse A Girl During Foreplay

If you aren’t sure how to arouse a girl during foreplay, then you need to learn more about some simple techniques that are sure to get her motor going. Once aroused, it’s not difficult to keep a girl stimulated and ready for action. With a little knowledge of female psychology and anatomy, you can get her intensely and passionately aroused even before her clothes come off.

  1. Start early. For women, foreplay starts long before sexual activity. It can start hours or even days before in fact. This is because for women, sex is an emotional experience. When she feels connected to you emotionally, comfortable around you and sexy, the foreplay will be better and get her more aroused. Basically, make her feel like the sexiest, most desirable woman in the world all day long, not just during foreplay.
  2. Make sexual eye contact. To arouse a girl during foreplay, you need to use your eyes. Look her in the eyes as you kiss and take time to look at her body, as well. Grabbing at her should wait until you’ve fully appreciated how she looks. A tender kiss while you enjoy the view and a simple statement like “I want you” makes for great foreplay.
  3. Keep going.  A lot of women won’t get aroused right away. It might take a bit of time. The longer the foreplay lasts, the better the sexual experience will be and the more aroused she’ll get. When you think you’re ready to move on to intercourse, continue foreplay for several more minutes. Odds are, your partner is not quite there yet.
  4. Slow down. Foreplay should not be rushed. Avoid touching major arousal zones, including her clitoris and nipples, until after you’ve touched all around those areas with your hands and tongue. When you do get to her hot spots, she’ll already be fully aroused and lubricated. As a bonus, she’ll reach climax much faster when you have sex, and her orgasms can be more intense and multiplied.
  5. Get into it. She needs to feel that you’re not only enjoying yourself, but that you you’re going crazy with desire. The more turned on you get by her and her body and the slower you go, the more intensely aroused she’ll become.

Be careful when arousing a woman during foreplay. Female arousal is unpredictable, and the most important thing to remember is to watch for her cues, both verbal and physical. For example, if you planned to take it slow but she starts tearing your clothes off, you can probably jump right intercourse or oral sex.

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