How To Ask A Cute Stranger For Her Number

It can be intimidating to know how to ask a cute stranger for her number.  The challenge is to view this as an opportunity to make a connection with someone new and not worry too much about rejection. The best part about asking a stranger for her number is that if she declines, chances are you will never see her again, no embarrassment or harm done. A little courage and some conversation tactics may be all it takes to get things started.

  1. Make conversation. Employ a safe topic, like raving or gently complaining about the weather, as a perfect way to strike up a little conversation. If you can find a way to say something and get things rolling before asking for a phone number, it will seem much more expected and acceptable. Take her cues and offer information about yourself and ask questions from there.
  2. Be complimentary. For the bolder person, begin by offering her a sincere compliment. If you keep it light and friendly, while making steady eye contact, will keep it sweet instead of creepy. Note that complimenting her outfit or shoes is a sure way to “just friends” territory.
  3. Stretch the truth. Stretching the truth a little can be a good way to get a conversation started. Turn to the stranger and ask nicely, “don’t I know you from somewhere?” Act as though you've met her before, but just can’t place where or when it was. This can be a great way to gauge her interest and offer an easy excuse to talk.  As you try to remember, you can find out details like her hobbies or where she went to school. After you’ve struggled to remember, admit you might be mistaken and ease into asking for a phone number.
  4. Accept a rejection gracefully. If she says no, that doesn’t necessarily mean she’s not interested. Some women simply don’t feel right about giving out a phone number to a stranger. Tell her that you understand, offer her your number, tell her you’d love to hear from her anytime, and say a polite goodbye. Never be pushy, but at the same time, offer an alternative route for her to take the initiative later on.
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