How To Ask A Friend On A Date

There's nothing more intimidating than trying to figure out how to ask a friend on a date. It could be worse though. Imagine trying to approach a complete stranger. The advantage you have is that the two of you are friends, therefore you have a relationship of sorts established – one that consists of common interests, communication, and shared experiences together. Despite all of this, there is still a certain fear of rejection that remains in many of us. However, that doesn't mean we can't overcome this fear of rejection and jump the gap by taking the initiative and turning your beloved friendship into something more.

  1. Waiting for the right time. This is perhaps the easiest part of it all, and it's the biggest factor that will determine your friend's response. Timing is everything. Ask yourself how long the two of you have been friends. Usually, a couple of months is enough time to accumulate a sufficient amount of experiences and common ground, but that doesn't necessarily mean you need to wait a couple of months. It could take longer than that or it may even happen in two weeks; both have been done before. If you feel like the time is right and your friend displays signals of sincere interest, then proceed to Step 2 by all means.
  2. Devise a plan. This is what it all comes down to: the execution of a well-thought out plan. Brainstorm and write out a list of ideas on how to ask your friend out. Plan a date to a movie, restaurant, or some place with a lot of fun activities like an amusement park or go dancing at a nightclub. The possibilities are endless. 
  3. The point of no return. No matter what your plan/date consists of, it needs to have a point of no return which is the moment where you finally ask your friend out. This moment usually takes place at the end of the date or towards it. For instance, if your date is set around an amusement park, the right time to ask would be on the way back after all the fun and laughs have subsided. You may want to practice with someone how you want this to play out. You can either be upfront and spontaneous and just ask or you can start things off with a catalyst that leads into the question (i.e. how much fun you have with your friend).



  • If your friend really likes you more than a friend, than he/she will say yes no matter how you plan to ask.
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