How To Ask A Girl Out Online

If you're seeking to find out how to ask a girl out online, then the concept doesn't get any easier to grasp than this. Throughout the past decade, the internet has become an environment for all sorts of activity from shopping to gaming and even watching movies. It's no surprise that meeting women and dating was included as well. While asking women out online may hold many advantages over doing it in person (such as eliminating the fear of walking up to women and initiating a conversation), there are a few disadvantages as well. If you follow the proper precautions, however, you may have a much better shot at doing this successfully.

  1. Join an online dating site or social networking site. Dating sites will help point you in the right direction, which is the direction of meeting women who are expecting men to date them as opposed to just messaging any random cute girl online and trying to ask her out. Free social networking sites are prime candidates as well.
  2. Create a detailed profile with pictures. Fill in as much information about yourself as you can, this applies not only to your dating/social networking profile but as well as your e-mail account. Take some good face photos of yourself and post them up.
  3. Choose your candidates wisely. When looking at a woman's profile, look for things that interest you. But then again, also look out for red flags. If she sounds like a snob or like she might be the type to break your heart, avoid her at all costs. Avoid especially if the woman doesn't have nothing at all in her profile as she is clearly not serious about meeting guys.
  4. Break the ice. Send a brief introductory message to the girl(s) you selected, don't make it sound like an automated message that you send to every girl, the message should be tailored for every specific girl you're sending it to. Introduce yourself, but don't be too formal, be a little cool in your words but don't overdo it. Be open and upfront about why you're messaging her, it's because you see that you and her have much in common and she seems like someone you would like to get to know better, that's why.
  5. Upgrade to the phone. Spend a few days maximum messaging each other, let's say 2-3. You don't want to give her the impression that you're wasting her time with all this e-mail tagging. At this point in time, you should have an idea of the mutual feeling of comfort between you both. If it feels right to you, tell her in the most casual way possible that you enjoy talking to her, then don't be afraid to ask if she's tired of e-mail tagging and if she would like to chat over the phone for a change, that way the both of you could hear how each other sound. If she enjoys speaking to you as much as you do, she'll say yes.
  6. Meeting face to face. Spend at most 2-3 days maximum with phone conversations. If you feel that she's comfortable with you at this point, then step up and tell her that you really like her and would like to take her out on a date. There's two ways of doing this, the upfront and obvious way or the indirect way which involves you inviting her out to dinner or to an event which she would be interested in. Either way, make sure you select a public place to meet in.
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