How To Ask A Girl Out Over The Phone

If you find it difficult to know how to ask a girl out over the phone, you're not alone. When you ask a girl out over the phone, you can't read her body language, watch her facial expressions or use other nonverbal cues to help you convey your interest. Fortunately, with a little confidence, good etiquette and some planning, asking a girl out over the phone doesn't have to be stressful or difficult.

  1. Use her private line. When you ask a girl out over the phone, always call her on her home phone or cell phone, never at work. In addition to showing your respect for her time, this will give the girl a chance to talk with you and think over what you're asking her.  
  2. Ask her out at a reasonable hour. Even if you're thinking about that special girl at 2 a.m., wait until the next afternoon to call her. Unless you know she's a night owl, late night date requests will probably not be well received.
  3. Be direct. When you ask a girl out over the phone, it's okay to start out with small talk or a conversation about a topic of mutual interest, but make it clear that you want to set up a date. Don’t hedge the issue, be ambiguous in your request or wait for her to ask you out first.
  4. Make concrete plans during your call. Prior to asking a girl out over the phone, think about what you'd like to do on her first date. For example, ask her "Would you like to go to dinner on Saturday night?" rather than "Would you like to get a bite to eat sometime?" This will show that you put some thought into asking her out and make sure that you actually follow through with your plans to go out on a date.
  5. Don't be pushy if she turns you down. If you ask a girl out over the phone and she says she's busy or not interested, accept her choice politely. Don't push her to stay on the phone. Likewise, don't hang up on her if she rejects you. 
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