How to Ask Her Dad For Her Hand In Marriage

It is essential for any man planning on marrying their fiancee to know how to ask her dad for her hand in marriage. Getting married is a big step many couples make at a certain point in their relationship, as it is a huge commitment. Now that you are ready to take the plunge, the proposal is planned put, you've got the ring, but you also hope to get the approval from her father. If you are not sure on what to say or do, read these steps to learn how to ask her dad for her hand in marriage.

  1. Arrange a date to meet your girlfriend's dad. First, you want to be sure that he is available for the date and time of the meeting. You can choose to give him a call and ask to have a brief important discussion in his home. Don’t worry if he seem a bit suspicious about the meeting, just remind your girlfriend’s dad that it is important and you want to ask a serious question. Another way to ask is taking the dad out to lunch (if you are comfortable to discuss what you want to do). While it is always better to ask in person, if you cannot make the trip to see your soon to be fiancee's father (long distance relationship), it can still be a formal discussion even if you call by telephone. However if you have the money, make a special trip to her dad’s hometown to make the announcement. Either way, he could be pleased.
  2. Ask the dad to keep it a secret until you are ready. Most of the time, your girlfriend is not aware of a wedding proposal. So if you want everyone to stay quiet about it, politely mention to her father to keep quiet on asking her hand in marriage. You definitely do not want your woman to know—especially if the proposal is on a special occasion as her birthday, Valentines Day, or any other major holiday.
  3. Compliment the dad. This is where most guys get nervous when trying to figure what to say or how to ask for their girlfriends hand in marriage. It is natural to get a little fidgety, as you want to make the best impression, but keep it simple. Thank your future father in law for accepting you into his daughter’s life; praise him for raising a wonderful person. Also, express how your girlfriend and the relationship itself made you a better man. From that point on, happily tell him you want to make his daughter your wife and ask if he accept your request.
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