How To Ask An Indian Girl Out

So you have gone to the local Indian Garba or stick dancing festival and you now want to know how to ask an Indian girl out. Maybe you have a friend of a friend who is from India and you'd like to ask her out but you're unsure of the etiquette. Getting to know someone who is Indian can be intimidating, especially if you have never traveled to India and don't know much about that culture. Taking a few simple steps can help you build your confidence before approaching her. This will help you understand how to ask an Indian girl out and better improve your chances of having her agree to go out with you.

  1. Do your homework before you ask an Indian girl out. Hit the library or internet and research India in depth. Try to commit to memory a few key details such as climate, primary religion, ethnic mix, population and names of various provinces. You should know the prime minister's name and a little political history. You don't want her to mention the partition of the 1940s and you draw a blank. This will go a long way in getting your foot in the door. Try to find out which province she is from, as there are many provinces in India, each with its own unique qualities and customs. This is similar to the different states in America. For instance, the area of Punjab is known for its beautiful women. If she is Punjabi, you could slip this bit of knowledge in over a casual conversation. It is a way of flattering her and letting her know you bothered to learn a little about her country. Knowing how to ask an Indian girl out depends on on your knowledge of her culture.
  2. The way you approach an Indian girl out will also depend on whether she was born in the States, was born in India and moved here as a small child or infant, or recently moved to the States and might still be coping with culture shock. A girl who has lived in the States her entire life is probably well-assimilated in American culture and approaching her will not be much different than with any other young girl. Take care when approaching her family, however, as they are probably still very traditional, having spent their formidable years in the home country. Always show respect towards both parents and assure them you will treat their daughter with respect as well. This is how you ask an Indian girl out who has lived in America for a while or was born as an American.
  3. If the girl you are interested in has only been in America for a few months or years, you have to go very slowly. She might come from a culture where dating is not permitted or is heavily chaperoned. She will be extremely shy and nervous about accepting a date from an American, of whom her family might not approve. You must then ask to meet her family and win them over with your charm as well. No one said this was going to be easy! You should be well-dressed, well-groomed and well-mannered, as these traits are more important in Indian culture, which is more formal  than it is in American culture. It might take you several months before she agrees to go out with you alone. Be prepared to be in this for the long haul. Asking an Indian girl out who has just moved here requires much more tact and patience.

Remember, dating and getting to know someone from another culture is not easy. It requires an open mind, some research on your part and a lot of patience. If you are not overly aggressive and culturally insensitive, you should find that asking an Indian girl out is only the first step forming a real relationship in which each of you can learn from each other.

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