How To Ask Out A Woman You Just Met

If you want to ask out a woman you just met, there are steps to take to ensure that the encounter goes smoothly. Gather up your courage and make the move. Going for it shows initiative as well as self confidence, attractive features in any man.

  1. Introduce yourself to her. Before you just ask out a woman that you just met, you want to have a little bit of conversation. Be sure to get here name.
  2. Keep up a conversation. Whether you were introduced by friends or you just walked up to her, you want to give her a chance to warm up to her. You don't want to come right out and ask out a woman you just met. Talk about what you are both doing at your current location. You can ask her if she is having a good time (if you are out somewhere) or what she is working on (if you are in a coffee shop or library).
  3. Gauge how interested she is in you. Sometimes, a women you just met can be hard to read. Do your best to figure out what her response would be if you were going to ask out this woman that you just met. It helps to go into the situation feeling like you are going to get a positive response.
  4. Ask out the woman you just met. You can start out with, “I know we just met, but . .” and finish it off with a specific date idea like meeting for drinks, meeting for coffee or going out to dinner. You can also add a compliment that lets her know why you are wanting to ask her out, even though you just met.
  5. Don't be discouraged if she is a little hesitant. If you are asking out a woman that you just met, she may not be completely comfortable meeting up with someone that she doesn't know. If you are out with friends or in a larger group, you could ask her to join the group. This keeps things less threatening and may make her more comfortable. If she is out with her friends, you could even offer to hang out with her group.
You can ask out a woman that you just met! Remember to be confident and be aware that she may be a little nervous about the idea. Be as accommodating as possible to make it a great experience for you both.
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