How To Ask Your Girlfriend For A More Serious Relationship

Want to know how to ask your girlfriend for a more serious relationship? You're ready to move to the next stage and now you need help letting her know how committed you are to the relationship. Sometimes, men tend to make this part of the relationship more complicated than need be. Women are ready to move on to the serious part of the relationship from the beginning. Women normally are very involved in the man when they begin to date. It's not often that a woman dates and enjoys time with a man unless she is interested in commitment. Women feel their time is valuable. They generally choose to not play around unless they feel the man is worth their time. However, if you feel it important to make sure she understands your intentions and you want a commitment stated so there will be no misunderstandings, follow these steps moving forward. Tell her how you feel and begin to guide her into a more serious relationship.

  1. Ask her what she thinks of a permanent monogamous serious relationship.  You want to make sure she knows that you are committed to her and her alone. Likewise, you want to make sure that she feels the same about the relationship. There is no reason for you to get all tied up in a situation and become completely, totally devoted or committed to this female and the relationship if she is not feeling the same. However, if you have been dating her for a lengthy period of time, you probably have seen the signs that are obvious regarding a serious commitment to you and you alone. Now, to seal the relationship, leaving no doubt between the two of you, you need to ask the question and make sure she states her commitment to moving into a serious commitment.
  2. State the time period you have been going together and inform her that you are ready to move to a more committed relationship. Time is an investment. If you have spent time with her consistently, then tell her why you have spent the time with her. Tell her you are serious about the relationship and ready to commit more time and delve deeper into a more committed relationship. 
  3. Discuss your future plans with her. You want to look at her while discussing these plans. Your goal is to observe her facial expressions while you talk. If she shows signs of interest in going deeper into the relationship, or if she seems to be totally involved in the conversation, you know you have her attention and she is ready to hear what you are saying. Your girlfriend wants to hear your plans and really wants to be involved in them will be captivated, holding onto every word spoken. She will not only want to but will hear and be holding on to every word while waiting to hear where she plays a part in your future. So, begin discussing your future life and relationship plans with her. She will let you know by her interest and attention if she is ready for a serious commitment to the relationship and you. She will have questions regarding her part in your life and plans. She will disclose what she feels and wants regarding a life with you. 
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