How To Assemble Beadlock Racing Wheels

Beadlock racing wheels are used to keep the tires in place when running the car at a lower air pressure and here we are going to talk about how to assemble beadlock racing wheels. Beadlock racing wheels help the car to maintain a better grip on the track. Professionals recommend that it is especially important to run a beadlock wheel on the right rear tire because of the tremendous force trying to pull the tire off the rim.

To assemble beadlock racing wheels, you will need:

  • 7/16 six-point socket and ratchet

  • Flat pry bar

  • Torque wrench

  • Air Compressor

  • Air hose with chuck

  • Tire pressure gauge

The step by step guide to assemble beadlock racing wheels:

  1. The first step is to install all the valve stems.

  2. Take the beadlock ring off the rim by loosening all the bolts with a 7/16 six-point socket and ratchet.

  3. Place the rim on a plane surface and try either through hand or by using a pry bar, pushing the tire around the rim.

  4. Position the beadlock rim on the front of the rim so that the tire is centered and lined with the mounting holes.

  5. Push down on the ring, making sure that the tire is centered and even visually inspecting it to make sure that it is. Screw down three to four equally spaced bolts and try to tighten them by hands. This ensures that the tire is in its place.

  6. Install the remaining bolts by hand and tighten them till they are snug and fit.

  7. Start at the top of the tire and working all the way round, tighten all the bolts using a ratchet and 7/16 six-point socket. Continue securing the bolts till they get tight enough. Make sure that they use the same crossing pattern that they were installed with.

  8. Attach the socket to a torque wrench and torque the bolt to 30 pounds.

  9. Attach the air hose with a chuck to the tire and inflate it until the rear edge of the tire is firmly seated on the rim. You will hear the tire pop once it is seated. Adjust the air pressure to the desired setting.

It is recommended to use hand tools instead of an electronic screwdriver when assembling beadlocks so as to prevent stripping holes in the tube due to over tightening.

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