How To Assemble A Bowflex Machine

When you get tired of staring at the pile of boxes in the corner of your room instead of putting your gym together and working out, then put down the cheeseburger, put aside a few hours, and learn how to assemble a Bowflex machine. Bowflex machines work by using the natural tension is flexible robs as resistance when you are working out. The machine can then provide a difficult workout without the muscle and bone strain from handling free-weights. There are over a dozen types of Bowflex machines, and they aren't all exactly similar, so this article will focus on the Classic Bowflex machine, but will also give you a good idea of how to assemble any Bowflex machine that has a long bench and tall lat tower.

  1. Attach the lat tower to the base of the Bowflex machine. The flaps on the bottom of the tower will fit over the pieces of the metal base. Screw the lat tower into place.
  2. Connect any legs or platforms to the base unit. Not every Bowflex will have these, but if your's does, connect them now. Simply slide the pieces over the pre-drilled holes and secure them with the screws that came with the Bowflex machine.
  3. Assemble the seat rail. Attach the triangular seat bracket assembly to the bottom of the seat and slide the seat onto the seat rail.
  4. Attach the leg extension to the end of the seat rail. The design of the leg extension will vary by Bowflex model, but they will all have a small set of legs that will support this end of the machine.
  5. Connect the seat rail to the main assembly. There will be plastic guiders where you should place the end of the seat rail and attach it to the main assembly. Connect it using two side screws and one screw that goes into the rail from the top.
  6. Attach the large crossbar to the main assembly and the small cross bar to the top of the lat tower. Some Bowflex models may not have a small crossbar. The center of the cross bars should be connected to the center of the tower with the flared ends of the crossbars pointing away from the unit.
  7. Place the box of tension rods on the platform behind the main assembly. Secure it into place.
  8. Place the main bench into place, and attach rollers to the leg assembly. The bar on the end of the main bench fits into the recess on the small bench.
  9. Route the rod cables. All of the cables have a ball on the end. Push back on the ball and the center portion comes out and the ball can be taken off. Thread the rod cables from the side pulleys on the main crossbar, up to the top of the tension rods. Place the ball on the end of the rod cable on the other side of the pulley, so that the cable cannot fall back through.
  10. Route the other cables. Run cables in the same manner from the other pulleys, down to the side pulleys that you just set up. Route them in the same manner, by removing the ball, running the cable, then replacing the ball.
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