How To Assemble A Longboard

Need to know how to assemble a longboard? It's much like assembling a skateboard,a nd will only take a few minutes if you have the proper tools. This article will explain how to assemble a long board from the bottom up. Assembling a longboard is a great way to become familiar with the parts your board and will give you an appreciation of the components, and how they all fit together. Assembling a longboard is great fun and the knowledge you will gain will help you with future maintenance.

To assemble a longboard you will need:

  • Longboard
  • Two trucks
  • Eight bearings
  • Four bearing spacers
  • Four wheels
  • Skateboard tool or 1/2 inch wrench
  1. Lay the longboard on a flat surface. Gather all the supplies and proper tools.
  2. Start with the wheels. Insert from the back of the wheel the first bearing. Push it in flush, followed by the bearing spacer. Lastly, place the second bearing in behind the spacer. Repeat this for each wheel.
  3. Place the first completed wheel on the axle of the truck. Hand tighten the nut to hold it in place. Repeat this for the other three wheels. Use the wrench or skateboard tool to tighter the four nuts.
  4. Lift the longboard and hold the truck in place. Hand tighten the four nuts to hold the truck in place. Repeat this with the second truck. Using the skateboard tool or wrench, tighten the eight nuts holding in the trucks.
  5. This completes the assembly of the longboard. Take the longboard out for a spin to make sure it is properly assembled. Double check all the nuts after a short casual run, and tighten where needed.
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